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General events and day trips

Join us to find out about some of the cultural festivals traditionally celebrated in Britain, including Advent, Christmas, Pancake Day, Easter and Guy Fawkes Night.  Come on a trip to explore local places of interest or enjoy an activity such as boating or walking.

Transport back to campus, Manor Park & Hazel Farm will be available at the end of each event.
Where a ticket is required for an event, please obtain your ticket, or tickets, in advance.  For tickets or further details about any of the events please email, unless otherwise noted in the event details.

Summer 2016

Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 25th July: Holiday on the Isle of Wight

We invite you to sail with us to the beautiful...

Red Funnel Ferry Isle of Wight Godshill Church

Come and chill out after your exams or take a break from your Masters or PhD!  This a popular trip for just 24 people, so please book early to secure your place.

This island on the South coast of England is full of lovely places to visit.  We have our very own guide.  There will be lots in store including the opportunity to:

Map of the island End of the island
Coastal scene

Saturday 22nd July (morning) to Tuesday 25th July (evening) 2016.

How much?
Pay just £180
(Children aged 5 to 7: £85.
Children under 5 years: free).

This price includes all accommodation, transport and food, except for Tuesday evening where you can buy an evening meal on the boat.  Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle are extra.

Take a look at some photos from our previous years' holidays!

For further information about the trip, contact: Rebecca Griffin (

Saturday 12th August: Summer Garden Party

At a Summer Garden Party

2:30pm until 6:30pm.  Meet at 2:30pm in front of the GSA Starbucks (on the University of Surrey main campus).

Come and visit the pretty village of Elstead and enjoy a traditional English Garden Party in a local home!

You will have the opportunity to chat and meet local people, practise speaking English and experience the British summer at its best... or worst: if it rains the welcome and friendship will still be warm.

Drinks and snacks will be provided.

This event is free.

There are photos from previous garden parties in the photos pages.

A talk about Christianity will be given during this event.

Transport back to campus, Manor Park & Hazel Farm will be available at the end of each event.
Where a ticket is required for an event as noted above, please obtain your ticket, or tickets, in advance.  For tickets or further details about any of the events please email welcoming international students
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