A New Year

We’re heading to Portsmouth on the 9th of February. Click here to sign up through eventbrite.

We’ve got a busy calendar already! We’ve got a walk, a trip to Portsmouth and big plans for working with Globe Cafe on campus. We hosted 20 students on Christmas day and our hosts are always up for welcoming students. Have you downloaded the app yet to keep in touch or connect with our hosts? You can do so here: https://friendsinternational.uk/app

If you want to practise your English in a calm, friendly environment, why not try Chit Chat at St Mary’s church, 9:30am next Wednesday (23rd January) or QUEST at 6pm at Guildford Park Church by campus next Thursday (24th January). No need to sign up, just turn up! If you don’t like turning up on your own, get in touch with us and we’ll make sure someone can meet you and go with you!

Do you want to meet someone who knows what adjusting to university life is like and the struggles of adjusting to a new culture? Get in touch through our contact forms or on Facebook and Phil, our staff worker, will be happy to meet up either one to one in a coffee shop or at Globe Cafe where you can connect not just with Phil but with other students as well.

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