Becoming a supporting church

Friends International Guildford could not do what we do, without the help of local churches and volunteers who are members of local congregations.

Will you become a supporting church?

Make your church international friendly

A church service can be something very foreign to international students. Not only the Christian language that is being used but the kind of songs that are being sung or people standing up at certain times – this can be all very confusing to them.

If you’d like to get some ideas how to make internationals feel more welcome in your church, chat to our staff team!

Help us organise an event or activity

We have a whole programme of events which are mainly run locally.

  • Could your church or homegroup help run an activity or event?
  • Could you host refreshments at the end of one of our events?
  • Could you provide volunteers to chat to students, giving them a chance to practice their English conversational skills?
  • Could your church or homegroup be involved in any other practical way?

Can you help? If so, we would be really pleased to hear from you. Contact us.

Support us financially

As a Christian charity, we rely on offerings from local churches and individuals. Would you consider supporting our work through regular or one-off gifts. If this is something you would consider, support us!