Local Link

Meet local people and be invited to join them for a meal together in their home.

Local Link is a scheme that arranges for you to be hosted for a meal by local people in their home.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet local people who are not students, to learn about life and customs in Britain and gives you the chance to share something about your own culture with others. Fill in this form and we’ll link you up.

Who will your hosts be?

All the people who are hosts for the local link scheme live in the Guildford area, are members of local church communities who have endorsed them, and they are required to provide a reference. They have registered with us as they are keen to meet International Students and Scholars from other countries, to learn about different cultures and are committed to giving you a warm welcome during your stay in Guildford. Some of the hosts are married younger couples with or without children, some are older married couples, and some are single people, who normally host with a friend. They live in different parts of the Guildford area – some may live in flats, and some in larger houses with gardens. Some hosts will also have pets such as cats or dogs, so if you prefer no pets please mention this and we will arrange it.

Who can register for Local Link?

Local Link is open to all international students, visiting scholars, and their families. If you would like to sign up for Local Link to meet local people and to have a meal in a British home, please complete the registration form. We will then contact a Local Link host on your behalf. Your hosts will then contact you directly (via email, telephone or letter) to arrange a date that is convenient for you to visit them in their home for a meal. Most of the host families have cars, and so will arrange to pick you up from your accommodation or another meeting place, and will drop you back again.

If you would like any further information about Local Link then please contact us or sign up to our mailing list.