Needing a connection?

Sometimes life at uni can be isolating. You are surrounded by people but no one knows your culture or you’ve just not clicked with those around you enough to call them friends. It is usually at this time nearing Christmas, where homesickness kicks in because no one knows you like your family and friends back home. No one cooks like your folks and your own cooking or takeaway meals just isn’t cutting it. 

If the last paragraph resonates with you, we’ve got a lot of volunteers who have opened up their home for international students in your position. You can go on your own and we can join you up with other students being hosted or you can bring friends. 

We also put on events so that you have opportunities to make memories and develop those times that friendships grow off of. 

The best way to do get involved either with being hosted or an event is to download the Friends International App, register with us and then click the “Request a host” button. We’ll then get you connected with a local family and a home cooked meal, even if you want hosting on Christmas day!

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