New Events

We have been working hard to set up a few new events that will be regular features of each month. As you may know there is already a ladies only evening called Rendezvous that happens each month. The next event is on Friday and is a Spa Evening and you still have time to be a part of it.

We have now started a men’s evening called Good Company and you can be involved with that too if you read this post today (20th March) as we have our first event tonight. We are going to Top Golf (, a driving range where you don’t need to have any past experience with a golf club! Plenty of time to talk, make friends and have a laugh. Sign up HERE to book your place.

Cost: Free on eventbrite. £14 at top golf for 2 games. 

We recently had our first Meal and Talk event that was a relaxed place to talk about happiness as well as hear about what Christians believe about the topic. We will be having these every other month or so but keep an eye out on our calendar for the next one! The pictures below aren’t high quality but hopefully they show how good the food and how relaxed the atmosphere was!

We are starting a series of walks which will give you an opportunity to explore some very pretty parts of Guildford.

We will be picking students up at GSA at 9.45am and driving you down to the start of the route, unless stated otherwise:

Thursday 11th April – Route to be confirmed
Saturday 15th June – Chilworth/Chantries
Saturday 10th August – Watts Gallery
Saturday 12th October – 2pm – Godalming to Guildford and an afternoon tea at St Mary’s
Wednesday 11th December – Route to be confirmed

The walks will be around 5 miles long and take approximately 2 hours. Further details will be posted up on Facebook

All of these events can be found on our app, on our calendar and will be on our Facebook nearer each date. We hope to see you soon!

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