Fresher’s fairs are done, welcome parties have finished and now lectures are in their second week. At this point it might start to settle in that you’re away from home for a while as the routine of a university week kicks in. If that is the case, do get in touch, routine and homesickness can be tough and lonely and we’re here to support you. Even if you don’t feel that way and it still feels like one exciting adventure, we’d love to hear from you.

Were you at our welcome party? The photos are now on Facebook and you can tag your friends: click here to go to Facebook. You can see a selection below.

We had a great time together and it was good to meet so many students from so many countries! If you were there and want to give us some feedback (positive or negative – we want to improve if possible!), please do get in touch.

Last Saturday was meant to be an autumn walk to explore the mount and various other places around Guildford that a visitor should see in their time here. Unfortunately it was a bit wet! Thank you to the students who attended and we hope you had a great afternoon despite the weather.

Our next major event is on the 6th of November for bonfire night, but watch this space – we’re looking to fit something in between now and the end of October. Look at our calendar to see what regular events happen around Guildford, and don’t forget you can connect with our Local Link and get a home-cooked meal.

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